5 Hobbies that make you smarter

People believe hobbies are gifted to us by birth or the talent and skills run in our DNA. But as per scientific discovery, all these traits and skills are learned and adapted from our surroundings. So, here in this article, I will list down five hobbies you can discover or practice in your leisure time, which would help you stand out from the crowd.

When we say hobby, it could be anything of your interest like music, travelling, adventure, collection of antiques and many more. I will not only discuss what is best suited but also will explain how it improves your efficiency in daily life.

1. Learning a new language

Yes, learning a new language is interesting and exciting, you get to learn more about different cultures and at the same time, it improves the scope of gaining more opportunities. People who are multilingual are said to have more effective problem-solving and organizing skillsets. Learning a new language not only helps in decorating your resume but it will also help you in exploring more exciting job opportunities, like a translator, or can serve in the aviation industries, it also has a lot of scope in the travel and tourism sector, one can look forward for a career in copywriting and publishing houses too.

You can try learning these top most trending languages like Korean, Chinese, German, Espanol, Hirangana etc.

2. Blogging as a hobby

I Have read somewhere that “Writing is not life but that sometimes it can be a way back to life”. Considering this statement we can say that if you so much to say or share something with everyone one can mend their way towards starting a blog. Writing blogs actually helps you in expressing your ideas to a set audience with confidence, it also improves your writing skills and to think outside the box.

In the longer run, if your blogs attract a good audience then you can monetise these skills of yours to make a hefty amount of money via Google ads or collaborating with different large brands.

3. Sketching or painting your ideas out

Now, let me tell you this from my own experiences. Painting / Sketching is one of the best things one can do to weigh down your harsh, happy or any kind of feelings. After hours of engagement in this activity, you will feel at ease and at the same time, you can gauge your creativeness in the artwork which you created.

Art is something which doesn’t have an exact definition it is something which pleases you, and you can define it on the basis of what you perceive. It will open a whole new world of your imagination, you tend to get more creative and it enhances your thought process, your life and your behaviour. Voila, let flow your emotion and your artistic self.

4. Sports spirit

Active ones can go on playing and mastering their favourite sports. One can also master themselves in mind-boggling quizzes, board games, sudoku or chess. These games will help increase your analytical understanding and problem-solving situations. It is a proven fact that playing or practising such games increase the cognitive ability of our brain. One can understand the situation by applying or analysing it from a different perspective.

Ultimately it also helps us understand the cause and effect of the situation which came from the practice of competing with the opponent in board games like chess. While playing outdoor games increases your stamina, your strength and you lead a good healthy and stress-free lifestyle. So! Introspect yourself, tie up your shoelace and pick your favourite sport from all your best hobbies.

5. Developing travelling or reading as your hobbies

Travelling is best for people who urge to visit and see every corner of the world. But for doing so it needs money and obviously your time. One can do this to rejuvenate themselves from the stressful work environment or can take a break from our daily lives. This will help you in releasing stress and at the same time, you will get to know about the various cultures,  people and the speciality of their own culture. You will make more social connections and it will automatically improve your getting around speciality in society.

Another one is about reading books, it helps in learning more vocabulary as in when you are learning a new language or it can also help in self-development when you’ll get exposed to rich ideas and talks of a great author. So, reading, in my opinion, will open a whole new world of knowledge and development of oneself.

I hope you all must have gained something from this article, Hobbies are not something which you can do forcefully. For that, you should enjoy things which you doing with all your emotions, thereby keep enjoying and seeking happiness in what you prefer. These are only a few which I can mention here and now you can explore yourself and enhance the best of yourself.

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