Start earning money online while studying ?

earning money online

There’s a Bollywood song ” Apna Sapna Money, Money” (Our dream is money only ). Turning from a high school student into a fantastic new sophomore comes with a lot of expense. Till high school, we all were dependent on our families to pay our tuition fees and other scholastic stuff. Although it’s true we could not take whole responsibility for our finances completely by ourselves.

But, Here I believe we can at least lend our hands to our guardian by bearing some little expenses of our own. There are many small professions or tasks which we can do in our daily lives and can mint a good sum of money. I will list down 5 good points that any fresher or student can pick up.

So, here we go

1. Tutor – Pave your way to earn money

Yes, If you feel like you are good enough in certain subjects you can try teaching your juniors. On average, by providing them with private tuition you can earn a good sum of money. It will also help you in brushing up all your learnings and you’ll enjoy this as a job. I’ve seen people have turned into entrepreneurs in this field and they tend to start their own academy once their services become renowned and famous.

So, yeah it is worth giving a try. Go for it!

Online tutor

2. Social Media Monetization

You must have seen many YouTubers, and Instagram influencers who have followers in millions. There must be some reason behind so many followers right? Yes, So social media is a platform where you can share your own content and spread the word. In today’s era, everything tends to get viral once they get in touch with social networking sites. Hence, in this regard, you can try creating your own unique content which can be of any interest let’s say gaming, DIY arts, Reels etc.

Though it will take a little time to grow ultimately your patience and hard work will bear sweet fruits. You can monetize your social accounts through collaborations, Ads, or promotions.

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3. Generating passive income through Freelancing

Freelancing basically means getting yourself self-employed rather than working under other employers. There are many domains and areas where you can also practice freelancing. You may try something in graphic designing, content writing, photoshops, recruitment or any field.

This is something which you can do in your free time without interrupting your daily chores or academics. Many online platforms or communities are there for freelances where they can showcase their work portfolio and set their charges accordingly. Someone who will be willing to work with will get in touch with you. You can try the Fiverr app for this.


4. Blogging Monetization

This is the best alternative one can go for if they are good at content creation or article writing. You can start your own blog with around 4000/- INR to be precise. Topics are in abundance and you create any niche blog on e-commerce, beauty tips, gaming, news and many more. So, blogging is a career which requires a lot of patience and persistence. You can’t earn immediately but yes if you are posting enough quality content, then your hard work will definitely pay off.

One can earn money through blogging once their website attracts enough audience, apart from this there are many online platforms like Quora and e-blogger which pay if you do guest blogging or article posting.

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5. Minting money through Online course

There are many people who want to share their expertise with others. Let’s say if you are good at the Korean language you can start your own online course and teach many others who have a similar interest. All you’ll need is a good online platform a trustworthy audience and excellent confidence in your skill. You can use Instagram for this purpose to gain an audience, or youtube is also a good medium these days.

You can sell your own created e-book or study material workbook for the same. Eventually, when your course and trust in the audience will grow you can go for a good business strategy while maintaining the quality of your services.

However, these above-stated points are not the only source by which you can think of earning money, if you are keen enough then you can take up a side proper part-time jobs too. Working while studying will help you in gaining an experience in the workplace and help you in understanding the importance of time management for both your professional and personal life. Hence, keep learning and keep exploring.

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