5 tips to say goodbye to afternoon sleep

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Are you feeling tired in the afternoon? Do you find yourself wanting to take a nice good sleep? If so, you’re not alone. Many people experience a lull in energy in the afternoon. We all have experienced dizziness and a sleepy head in the afternoon due to a natural process called the circadian rhythm. Our body has an internal clock that regulates when we feel tired and alert.

However, there are ways to combat this and stay productive. Here are five tips to help you say goodbye to afternoon sleep.

1. Make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep.

This is the most important thing you can do to combat daytime sleepiness. If you’re not getting enough shut-eye, your body will pay the price during the day. So, make sure to log off with all your work and make a strict schedule for when you should complete all the necessary workloads and tasks.

We all thrive some a bit extra mile to achieve more of what we can achieve but it is also equally important to have good mental peace and work-life balance. However in case you are a student or teenager you should quit your extra screen time and instead try reading a novel or any interesting story book which will definitely help you in putting into a deep sleep. After all for us students, our books are acting as chloroform to us!

2. Exercise regularly.

In this fast pace living of our life, we all have to think about how we can make time for family and ourselves. But, to keep ourselves sharp and active we must try to take out at least 10-15 minutes for yoga or exercise. It is a great way to boost energy levels and fight fatigue. Even a moderate amount of exercise can make a big difference.

If you are not able to do it regularly, make sure to do something productive on your weekends, seek outings, try trekking, or have some fun party nights with all your near and dear ones surrounded. This will help you in releasing the stress and tiredness of a long working week and you’ll feel more refreshed by the end of the day.

3. Cold showers a day, keeps sleep away

Cold showers can do wonders especially when you are doing your job in work-from-home mode. This may not sound pleasant, but it can really wake you up. The cold water will shock your system and give you a much-needed energy boost. Even some well-equipped and employee-friendly offices provide locker facilities where you can wash up and rest for a while.

Apart from all this who doesn’t love glowing hair and skin? Yes, it does help in regulating healthy blood circulation in your body and helps in calming down the stressed muscle and soreness which people usually get after working for long hours.

4. Avoid heavy meals, try light lunch

I’m quite sure we all feel drowsy after having lunch. Eating a big, heavy meal can make you feel sleepy. So, try to stick to lighter fare during the day. It means you need to cut out all sugary, carbonated, and fats like bread or sodas.

Try having a light meal which includes vegetables, boiled eggs or chicken, try on tasty spicy porridge and many more. The choice is totally yours, the agenda is to stay fit and be more productive. Also to add up here dehydration can also contribute to fatigue. So, make sure you’re drinking enough water during the day.

5. Take a power sleep or keep your workspace bright.

It’s never wrong to take a short nap of 10-20 mins, not only this will help us in sharpen up our memories but will also increase our productivity and activeness. Remember to not exceed your naps for longer than 30 minutes duration as it will interrupt your deep sleep and the outcome is dizziness and headache, hence this will leave you tired throughout the day.

Another thing you can try is to keep your workspace tidy and clean and organise all your sticky notes, your stationaries. You may put a small plant to keep your desk more lively or cheerful and reduce the gloominess of your mood and environment.

These are the main handy things which you can try at your convenience but in my opinion, if join a company as per our own area of interest and plans, then we should also enjoy the work that is being assigned to us. Evidently, we’ll not feel bored or sleepy when we do our tasks while enjoying the same and this will lead to our self-development, productivity and company growth.

Now, Let’s hear from your end. Tell us in the comment section what you do when you feel drowsy or tired while at work.

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